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This will be a new site to put alumni pictures, articles, brochures etc. Alumni with pics or information to publish here can send to Eddie Hedrick at

1988 Program


This Site has been added to honor those who have played or have been a part of Missouri Lacrosse over the years.  I am new to this but have been interested in developing an alumni site for many years.  I need your help with ideas for inclusion as well as remembering players, coaches, managers etc.  I have a ton of pictures, articles, posters, rosters etc. but need more especially from those who played back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  I plan on putting up pictures of all of the past coaches, players, team photos, fun stuff and anything that would make the page more interesting but I need your help. Keep coming back to the site as I will update it often! Let me know your thoughts;


ALUMNI OFFICERS:   Joel Henning –  Alumni Association President, Cole Dimond – Vice President, Pat Sammons – Secretary, and Mitch Tusing – treasurer.

Attention Alums: 2017 Border war!



This coming weekend (April 21st, 2017), Stankowski field.  Alumni Homecoming!  The Tigers take on KU in the final weekend of the regular season.  Join the Tiger Alums as we post up on the sideline to talk about how we were better.  The road to the GRLC West division title goes through Columbia this year. See if the Tigers can come away with a pivitol conference win.  They also play K State on Sunday so stick around and see the double win!  New first year head coach Nick Anagnostis has the team on the verge of a division championship and possible trip to the Nationals. Come on out a join the fun!


Great hits!

Do you remember? (Most of these great action photos are from our own Karen Mitchell)


On Saturday May 3, 2014, I had the opportunity to be treated to lunch at the Heidelberg by on of Mizzou lacrosse’s original players, Frank Dawson and his son, Rob, who is currently a sophomore at Mizzou. Frank is originally from Long Island and played at Mizzou in the 1976-79 era. He graduated from the EE School with a bio-engineering major and went to work for McDonnell Douglas after college. While there he played for the newly-formed St. Louis Lacrosse Club for a few years. He is currently the director, Information Privacy Standards at Nokia, Inc., in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and specializes in privacy engineering, threat analysis and mitigation among other topics.

Frank and his father-in-law, who was a plumber, actually made the first lacrosse goals for the Mizzou team out of gas pipe! He said they were so heavy that it took six people to carry them!
Frank’s brother, Ed Dawson, also played at Mizzou in the mid-80’s and you can see a couple of articles below (1986) where his name is mentioned in the Mizzou write-ups. Frank was in town to attend a Fiji/Phi Gamma Delta alumni dinner and had contacted me after seeing the new History & Alumni page on the web site. It was great to meet and talk lacrosse with one of the original Mizzou laxers!! Thanks Frank – maybe you can write up a few old stories for us!!
Frank & Robb Dawson


A few days ago (4-27-14) I recieved an e-mail from Jim Olson.  Jim was the player coach/President for the 1982 season.  He was nice enough to send a picture of the 1980 team and some brief history.  He was on the team from 1979-82.  He stated he thought the team started around 1976, which is consistant with our records and previous accounts.  He said that Steve Petrecho was the player coach/President when he started playing in 1979.  They used to get around 6 players to practice and around 13 for games.  Occasionally they used non-university players to fill in.  Their teams never had a losing record during his time there! In 1981 they started advertising for players and the turnout improved (15 for practices and games) which was a great improvement.  By 1982 they had about 18 players with 3 full midfield lines.  This was important back then because mid-fielders played both offense and defense.  They finished the 1982 season with a 7-3 record winning the Creighton, Knox College and Mizzou Tournaments.  In 1983,  Jim Souhan, who is now a pro sports writer, and columnist in Minnesota took over as President..  Jim suggested that I contact him for more history and I will.  Mizzou opponents back then included Crighton, Iowaa State, Wash Univ., St Louis, and  “Windy” Cities from Chicago.  Washington University was their biggest rival.  Below, the first photograph is a picture that Jim sent which was included in the 1980 Savitar. (Jim Olson is in the front right).

On 7-14-14 I also recieved an e-mail from Kevin Concannon who also played in the early 1980’s.  Kevin sent a roster from 1982 which includes Jim Olson, and Mark Watts who was also in the picture of the 1980 team.  He also included a picture of the team playing on a field in front of the Arts and Science building (?)  and across the street from Rollins dormitory. ” Looks like what is now called the Bond Life Science Center”.  In that picture Bob Garrison is taking a shot on goal. Kevin stated that Bob was a converted defenseman who “would have been an excellent LSM if anyone knew what that was when we played”!  The uniforms they wore were white with black numbers and were hand-me-downs.  Most were extremely large on the Lax players o may have come from the football team.  He also included a roster from the fall of 1982.  A small number of the players played before coming to Mizzou.  Jim Olson was from Long Island, Jim Jouhan spent time in Baltimore, and Steve Sweringen was from Virginia.  The rest picked up the game while at Mizzou.  Kevin said that he and two others from his dorm floor (Charlie Hildebrand and Bob Garrison) decided to join the team after they saw a Pepsi commercial on TV showing lacrosse players showing off impressive stick skills during a pick-up game.The astericks in the roster denote how many years the person had played at Mizzou.  Kevin has passed on his love of the game to his son who has played since 6th grade and was recently named an academic all-american by US Lacrosee!  His team went to the state finals in 2014 (North Carolina Independent Schools) but lost to a very good team in the Championship game..  He goes to college this year and Kevin hopes he will continue his lacrosse experience. “Mizzou Lacrosse lives on in a second generation of players”! (See pictures and roster below)


1980MULacrossefrom James Olson


Bob Garrison Shooting

Bob Garrison Shooting


1986 was an interesting year with several articles in the local media.  Did you know that from 1976 through 1986 the Mizzou lacrosse team never had a losing record?  Did you know that a Mizzou lacrosse player died during a Mizzou game?  It was a real tragedy for the team but in the last article you can see how the team responded in his memory. Look at the articles below and see exactly what happened.  Thanks to “Iron Mike” O’Brien for the articles.


These Maneater articles are great. The first article really sets the tone for Eddie McFadden’s historical career at Mizzou and the rivalry between Mizzou and the Kansas teams.  I love some of the nicknames “Iron Mike” O’Brien,  “Mad Slasher” George Crawford, “Big” Ed Dawson.  See the 1988 Shootout roster below for a whole list of the nicknames these guys had.  Would love any pictures from this era!

1987-FallManeater article 1987-Oct.Maneater article


Checkout the nicknames in this 1988 Mizzou Shootout program.

1988MissouriSHootoutProgramcover 1988MissouriSHootoutProgramroster - Copy


Missouri has had its share of great lacrosse players over the years.  Up until 1989 Paul Foster had established himself as the most prolific scorer Mizzou had ever had.  The story below really shows how Eddie McFadden rewrote the history books at Mizzou.  It also mentions the outstanding goal tending that Mike O’Brien gave the Tigers along with Blane Day at the midfield and it mentioned that Ron Rugely won 81 percent of the faceoffs in the tournament for Mizzou! Great players at a time when lacrosse was just getting jump started in the Midwest.





I received e-mails from several players from the 1990 team this past week .  Mark Allen is in Austin, Texas, and although he said he doesn’t play anymore, in his spare time he is an assistant coach at Westlake High School in Austin. He was gracious enough to e-mail me the names of some of the players on the team and provided some brief comments about some of them.  His memory is much better than mine.  Also Steve Zumwinkel contacted me.  He is in Venice Beach, California.  Steve provide names for several other players and just today I heard from Tim Woolsey who is a language professor at Penn State University. He is also coaching lacrosse.  Tim surprised me with a couple of pictures of me in the goal and him playing defense, along with a picture of him and the team he coaches.  I also discovered that Ron Koder from that team is a physics professor at a university in New York and Ian Noyes is a pastor in the Tetons! Let me know where you are and what you are doing.

                                                                      1990 Team

Are you in this picture?

Back Row (L to R):Steve Zumwinkel, Eddie Hedrick, ______, Joe Galvin, Jim Wilson, _____, Craig Kingsley, Josh Gibson, Mark Allen, Dave Moger,____, Dave Torrence, Porter Shreve, Tim Woolsey.

Front Row (L to R): Ron Koder, Kurt Kingsley,Scott Richter, Blane Day, Terry Williams, and Blane’s dog “Marley” , Eddie McFadden, Dave Bellon, Clay Scanlon, Rob Burke.

(Help me fill in the blanks)

Just received some help from a couple of players from this team:  On Jan. 29, 2015 I received this e-mail from Clay Scanlon:

Hi Eddie,
A KU lax friend of all people pointed out that I was a “fill in the blank” on a picture and web page that I didn’t even know existed. I am
in the front row wearing the Arapahoe Lacrosse Jersey. Reading through the page brought back some foggy memories of playing in ’89 & ’90. Of
all the road games I particularly enjoyed the two to New Orleans for the Mardi Gra  tournaments.
I picked my stick back up after about 15 years and played for the NCFD team (Nassau County Fire Dept.) in Long Island, NY. The team consisted
of volunteer firefighters and EMT’s through out the county. I now just watch my two of my kids play with the third soon to start. My 11 year
old son primarily plays goalie but fills in as a middie when needed. My 9 year old daughter is still not sure what position she will settle into.
As far as my life since MU – I went back to Denver for about 8 years and met a New York girl. After a couple of years of marriage we moved to
Massapequa, NY in 2002 where we currently reside. I am currently working as an Account Executive for a Trade Show Display and  Design firm.
Thanks for taking the time to put together the Alumni page.  All the Best,  Clay Scanlon

Interestingly two days later I received another e-mail from Blane Day from the same team:

Hey Eddie,
Good to see Mizzou Lacrosse is thriving. Front and center in the group pic is Terry Williams and my old border collie Marley.  That pic brings back many fond memories.  Sure my green VW van is on the sidelines with the keg.  I have some stuff to donate.  I have that program from the tournament we played Marquette in.  I think we won that tourney.  You may have it, at least the cover and roster.  Also have a scoring book.  Is there an archive, i have my helmet and jersey i believe.  Let me know.

On March 27, 2015 I received another e-mail from a blast from the past. Terry Williams (holding the dog in the photo above) wrote:


This is Terry Williams, the midfielder sitting front and center in the photo with Blane’s dog Marley. I wanted to thank you for putting together the alumni page. It brought back many fine memories. I work as a Product Engineer for A-J Manufacturing Company in Kansas City, MO. I live on a small acreage just east of Lawrence, KS in the Kaw River Valley. My oldest son, Rex who just turned 7, is just beginning to learn the game. I still have my Mizzou Lax jersey, and gear!

I can’t say enough great things about that group of guys in the photo. Ed McFadden was a monster at attack. Blane Day and the Kingsley bros were relentless midfielders, and our defense and goal keeping was tough as nails. I don’t think many teams liked playing us. What we may have lacked in skill was more than made up for in passion, perseverance and grit! The more skilked players were eager and patient to teach others who were newer to the sport, and the team was close both on and off the field.

I see Blane holding a trophy. The photo is at our home field down at the old Reactor Fields. I am guessing, if my memory serves me right, that was for winning the Midwest Shootout that year? We hosted the tournament and I believe we beat KU in the semi, and St. Louis in the final, but I may have that wrong.

I do remember, however, that our roadtrips were EPIC! And I have some wild if not very hazy memories of the tournament in New Orleans! I think the entire team slept in one or two hotel rooms! Again, thanks for putting this page together. I actually have, some old VHS video footage of this team somewhere in my house if anyone is interested.

Thanks again.

Terry Williams
Mizzou Lax

Thanks for the help guys-great to hear from you!


These are the photos Tim Woolsey provided. Above: Tim is number 45 and the goalie is Eddie Hedrick (Who is #33?).  The third picture is Tim and the team he currently  coaches (2014).  Below in the first pic is Rob Burke with a pole, 2nd is Tim Woolsey and Blane Day, 3rd is Woolsey and Koder and the 4th is Woolsey and Burke on defense.

I love how these guys just kept beating up on Kansas teams!



The Missouri Shootouts were great.  They were usually played at Reactor Field which is now a parking lot! People would see the games from Providence Road and come over to watch. Often a lacrosse vendor from New York or Baltimore would bring a trailer full of lacrosse gear to sell at the games.  I still have my T-shirts from these games. Girl friends, wives, and significant others would tailgate or picnic as these were all day events.  In those days it would not be unusual for a keg of beer to be somewhere on the sidelines for the after-parties!

1991MissouriShootoutprogramcover 1991MissouriShootoutprogramroster - Copy

As you can see in this article, Eddie McFadden continued his historic dominance.

1991EdMcFaddenAthlete of the week1992-1998

I haven’t found any materials from this time period so if you have anything please send it to me at


In 1999 the Mizzou lacrosse program gained new life as an Associate Lacrosse program with 30 players and a new full-time coach. The team left the previous conference and joined the Central Collegiate Lacrosse Association (CCLA).

Coach Kyle Hawkins came to Columbia to teach history at Hickman High School.  Previously he had taught at Hazelwood Central High School in St. Louis where he also coached the varsity lacrosse team. When he came to Columbia the Mizzou Lacrosse program was in disarray.  He contacted one of the previous Mizzou players that he knew (Keith Templin) and together they put the team back together.  Kyle was an alumnus of Arizona State University and grew up in St. Louis.  He was a very successful coach at Hazelwood Central and for several summers  coached at NIKE lacrosse camps throughout the United States and Canada and had a great fundamental knowledge of the game. Coach Hawkins was the first paid, full-time Mizzou coach. Joining Hawkins as assistant coaches were Jerry Swope, who played outstanding attack at Brown University,  Eddie Hedrick, an All-American Goalie at Bowling Green University, and Steve Byrne, a three-time All American defenseman at Virginia.

The 1999 team was composed of players from several parts of the U.S, however the majority of the team learned lacrosse in Missouri.

Pictured below: Coaches: Hawkins, Swope, Hedrick and Byrne.

The year started off with a couple of fun tournaments held at Epple Field (where the new tennis complex is located now).


 The 1999 Mizzou Lacrosse Festival

“The Missouri Tiger Lacrosse Club opens its home season this  weekend.  The home opener will be in the form of a lacrosse festival with five teams competing: Indiana, Kansas, Michigan State, Truman State and Missouri squared off in a three-day lacrosse festival.  This year’s Missouri squad is the first ever to have a full time coach.  Kyle Hawkins will coach a team of Missouri lacrosse players that primarily come from the St. Louis area.  The festival will be held on Epple Field and will begin at 8am on Saturday March 6, and Sunday March 7, 1999.  The following is the schedule for the games:

 Saturday, March 6.
8:00am                                     Missouri vs. Truman
10:30am                                  Indiana vs. Kansas
1:00pm                                    Missouri vs. Kansas
3:30pm                                    Truman State vs. Michigan State

Sunday March 7
8:00am                                    Indiana vs. Missouri
10:30am                                  Kansas vs. Michigan State

Monday March 8
3:30pm                                    Missouri vs. Michigan State

A second festival is planned for the next weekend : March 13, 14, with teams from Kansas State University, Washington University, Western Michigan University, Oakland University (Michigan), St. Thomas University (Minnesota), and Missouri.”

1999 Season Schedule

Saturday March 6, 1999
8:00am                         Missouri vs. Truman State
10:30am                         Indiana vs. Kansas
1:00pm                           Missouri vs. Kansas
3:30pm                          Truman State vs. Michigan State

Sunday March 7, 1999
8:00am                         Indiana vs. Missouri
10:30                              Kansas vs. Michigan State

Monday March 8, 1999
3:30                               Michigan State vs. Missouri

In 1999 the team finished with an 11-4 record and was invited to play in the NIRSA National Championships in Austin, Texas, where they finished fourth.  Photos from the NIRSA Tournament and game results are below.


1999 NIRSA Team

 Back: Lf to Rt.: Coach Hedrick, Bryan Schuh,Todd Gilbert, Jamie Mullen, Kevin Lockett, Chad Kaufaman, Phil Yi, Matt Larson, Treton Bilsland, Tim McKittrick, Matt Harris, Bryan Livingston, Pete O’Neill, Jason Miltenberger, Matt Lane, Coach Hawkins.  Front: Reno Cova, Tom Berlemann, Greg Roberts.

 1999 Record

Opponent Year Date W/L US THEM Postseason
Michigan 1999 2/20 L 2 27  
Northwood (NCAA D2) 1999 2/21 L 4 17  
Iowa 1999 2/27 W 10 9  
Illinois 1999 2/28 W 1 0  
Truman State 1999 3/6 W 16 1  
Kansas 1999 3/6 W 22 1  
Indiana 1999 3/7 L 13 14  
Michigan State 1999 3/7 L 4 15  
Western Michigan 1999 3/13 L 6 8  
Washington-St. Louis 1999 3/13 W 14 8  
St. Thomas 1999 3/14 W 15 2  
Kansas State 1999 3/14 W 14 0  
Illinois State 1999 3/27 W 6 5  
Wabash 1999 3/28 W 13 1  
Illinois State 1999 3/28 W 7 3  
Illinois Wesleyan 1999 3/28 W 16 2  
Rhode Island 1999 4/28 L 4 8 NIRSA Nationals
Whitman 1999 4/29 L 10 9 NIRSA Nationals
Texas 1999 4/30 L 4 16 NIRSA Nationals
Texas 1999 4/30 L 3 12 NIRSA Nationals
1999 10-5 Regular Season     184 158 10-9 Overall
Captains: Keith Templin, Todd Gilbert  


In the year 2000, Mizzou begins its second year as an associate team having lost no players to graduation and drawing an exceptional recruiting class.  The team had an outstanding year going 13-7, losing to Indiana in the CCLA playoffs. This year’s Captains were Jason Miltenberger and Matt Larson.  One of the major highlights of the year was the spring break trip to Florida.  The spring trip was exciting and exhausting. On the first night of the trip we stopped in St. Louis and played Washington University, we then drove all night and played Kentucky.  We then drove to Tennessee, spent the night and played Tennessee the next day. We then drove through to Orlando where we played Florida. We toured Disney and some took a brief trip to Daytona to see all the beach babes! (Stories to come).

Wash. Univ. (No pics), Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.

2000 Schedule & Record

Opponent Year Date W/L US THEM Postseason
Kansas State 2000 2/19 W 16 3    
Tulsa 2000 2/19 W 19 0    
Oklahoma State 2000 2/20 W 19 2    
Missouri-Rolla 2000 2/26 W 24 0    
Truman State 2000 2/26 W 25 4    
Kentucky 2000 3/4 W 25 1    
Missouri-Rolla 2000 3/4 W 16 0    
Kansas State 2000 3/18 W 21 1    
Michigan 2000 3/19 L 4 20    
Washington-St. Louis 2000 3/24 L 10 OT 11 OT    
Kentucky 2000 3/25 W 19 3    
Southern Illinois 2000 3/25 W 1 0    
Tennessee 2000 3/26 L 9 11    
Central Florida 2000 3/28 W 1 0    
Florida 2000 3/29 L 9 10    
Illinois 2000 4/8 L 6 12    
Iowa 2000 4/9 W 1 0    
Marquette 2000 4/15 L 9 OT 10 OT    
Wabash 2000 4/16 W 19 8    
Indiana 2000 4/28 L 5 20 CCLA Playoffs
Captains: Jason Miltenberger, Matt Larson    
2000 13-6 Regular Season 236 116 13-7  Overall

2000 Team-Florida

2000 Team in Florida (Disney World)

Back row:Coach Hawkins, Pete Stirling,  Treton Bilsland, Loren McDonald,Chad Kaufman, Joel Henning, Louis Epstein, Jared Diamond, Eli Gay, Ryan Coady, Tres Harriman, Matt Lane, Coach Hedrick.  Middle Row: Bill Conroy, Andy Gulata, Pete O’Neill, Chuck Ohms, Matt Larson, Jason Miltenberger, John McCool, Steve Gay. Bottom row:Cory McCarter, Reno Cova, Brian Schuh, Greg Roberts, Jamie Mullen, Kevin Corcoran, Steve Thompson.


I have a lot of pictures to scan from this time period but I remember one memorable game in which we played Wash U at the ARC field.  It was raining and the water was actually running (moving in streams on the field).  The mud was so deep that Joel Henning got his foot stuck in the mud and severely sprained his ankle!  Some of the pictures from this game are below:

In 2001 Jason Miltenberger and Jamie Mullen were the team captains.  It was a pretty good year with a thrilling game against Illinois in the CCLA Playoffs.  We lost  8-7  in double overtime!

2001 Team Record

Opponent Year Date W/L US THEM Postseason
Minnesota 2001 2/17 W 14 4  
Oakland 2001 2/18 W 12 7  
Washington-St. Louis 2001 2/24 L 11 12  
Truman State 2001 2/25 W 13 4  
Indiana 2001 3/2 L 6 8  
Michigan State 2001 3/4 L 6 7  
Nebraska 2001 3/10 W 1 0  
Kansas State 2001 3/11 W 18 0  
Tulane 2001 3/17 W 22 6  
Rice 2001 3/17 W 14 1  
Baylor 2001 3/18 L 8 14  
St. Louis University 2001 3/23 W 1 0  
Illinois 2001 4/8 W 13 12  
Marquette 2001 4/20 L 8 11  
Purdue 2001 4/21 L 8 12  
Missouri-Rolla 2001 4/22 W 13 0  
Illinois 2001 4/27 L 7 2OT 8 2OT CCLA Playoffs
Captains: Jason Miltenberger, Jamie Mullen  
2001 10-6 Regular Season 175 106 10-7 Overall


In 2002 Jamie Mullen and Brian Schuh were team Captains.  The team had a 10-4 season record but lost in the CCLA playoffs to Washington University.  I haven’t found a lot of pictures for that season yet but realized that that was a year in which the team had a prom party and it was the first year for players to enter the Show-Me State Games with a team called the “Thundercats.”  It was made up of mostly Mizzou players with a couple of friends from other colleges playing as well.  Some photos are posted below:

 First Year for the “Thundercats”!!

2002 Record

Opponent Year Date W/L US THEM Postseason Captains
Minnesota 2002 2/16 W 14 8    
Iowa State 2002 2/17 W 18 4    
Washington-St. Louis 2002 2/23 L 9 10    
Truman State 2002 2/24 W 19 10    
Kansas 2002 3/1 W 18 8    
Tennessee 2002 3/9 W 12 6    
Auburn 2002 3/10 L 6 15    
Illinois 2002 3/16 W 10 9    
Iowa 2002 4/6 W 16 5    
Purdue 2002 4/7 W 1 0    
Marquette 2002 4/13 W 20 2    
Western Michigan 2002 4/14 W 20 9    
Michigan 2002 4/20 L 1 20    
Oakland 2002 4/21 L 15 18    
Washington-St. Louis 2002 4/26 L 7 13 CCLA Playoffs Brian Schuh
              Jamie Mullen
2002 10-4 Regular Season 186 129 10-5 Overall  


This was another good year for the Tigers. The two captains for Mizzou were Cole Dimond and Joel Henning. Both became All-Americans!  The team went 10-3 during the regular season but once again could not get over the hump and lost to Illinois 9-7  in the GRLC playoffs. A couple major highlights to the year were the trip to Arizona and another great alumni game & after-party!


2003 brochure

The Alumni showed up in full force for the pre-game football tailgate, annual game and after-party at Harpo’s!

2003 Schedule


Opponent Year Date W/L US THEM Postseason Captains
Minnesota-Duluth 2003 2/7 L 9 12    
Minnesota 2003 2/8 L 11 13    
Lindenwood 2003 2/22 W 14 4    
Truman State 2003 2/23 W 20 5    
Illinois State 2003 3/1 W 13 5    
Northern Illinois 2003 3/2 W 23 2    
Northern Arizona 2003 3/7 W 18 2    
Arizona State 2003 3/8 W 17 10    
Utah State 2003 3/9 W 11 6    
Illinois 2003 3/15 W 6 5    
Iowa 2003 4/4 W 13 3    
Washington-St. Louis 2003 4/11 L 5 10    
St. Louis University 2003 4/13 W 15 6    
Illinois 2003 4/26 L 7 9 GRLC Playoffs Joel Henning,
              Cole Dimond
2003 10-3 Regular Season 182 92 10-4 Overall  


When people talk about the Mizzou Lacrosse program 2004 will always be a season to be remembered.  The team went 16-1 in the regular season and then went on to beat Illinois 9-5 in the GRLC Finals moving the team into the National Championships. Although we lost to Sonoma State in the first round the team was loaded with talent and played their hearts out.  This was one of those teams that had a special chemistry and was really fun to watch.  The roster below provides the names of those who played on this special team.

#   Name          Pos   Year     Hometown     High school

25  Andy Milsark  G      Soph    St. Louis, MO  DeSmet Jesuit

0    Nate Stein     G      Fresh   St. Louis, MO  Vianney Marianist

6    Irfan Ali         G      Senior  St. Louis, MO  Parkway South

5    Paul Cullmann D     Junior   St. Louis, MO  Vianney Marianist

30  Matt Schaller D     Fresh   St. Louis, MO   DeSmet Jesuit

29  Matt Hibler    D      Fresh   Brookfield, CT  Brookfield

34  Rob Comire   D      Fresh    St. Louis, MO   DeSmet Jesuit

77  Joe Eickhorst  D    Soph     St. Louis, MO   Parkway Central

31  Matt Hogan   LSM   Fresh   St. Louis, MO   DeSmet Jesuit

9    Mark Kern      LSM   Fresh   St. Louis, MO  Culver Military (IN)

21  Chris Krajacic  DM  Senior  St. Louis, MO  Vianney Marianist

14  Scott Krajacic  DM  Fresh  St. Louis, MO   Vianney Marianist

45  Dan McGraw  DM     Fresh   St. Louis, MO   Kirkwood

35  Eric  Berrong  DM    Junior  St. Louis, MO  Parkway West

17  Cole Dimond  Mid     Senior  Kansas City   Rockhurst Jesuit

24  Jeff Devero  Mid     Fresh   St. Louis, MO  DeSmet Jesuit

16  David Wolf    Mid     Junior   St. Louis, MO  Parkway West

12  Chris Wolf    Mid     Soph     St. Louis, MO   Parkway West

4   Tom Mueth   Mid      Soph     St. Louis, MO   CBC

28  Tim Cahill     Mid     Junior    St. Louis, MO   Parkway West

7   Mark Wright   Mid    Fresh    St. Louis, MO   Webster Groves

8   Greg Witte    Mid    Fresh     St. Louis, MO   Hazelwood  Cent

36  Rob Schrader  Mid  Fresh    St. Louis, MO   SLUH

44  John Ritchell   Mid   Fresh   Chicago, IL       New Trier

19  Bill  Hupp     Mid     Fresh    Chicago, IL      Glenbard  West

22  Mike Brauss   Att   Senior   St. Louis, MO   Parkway Central

11  Tom McKittrick Att  Fresh  St. Louis, MO   DeSmet Jesuit

26  Brad Brown   Att   Fresh     Columbia, MO   Columbia-Hickman

13  Mike Nahlik   Att     Fresh   St. Louis, MO    Vianney Marianist

Injured –  23  Drew  McManus   DM   Fresh   St. Louis, MO   DeSmet Jesuit

Ben Haynes,  Senior, St. Louis, MO  Kirkwood High
Mike Dianics,  Soph,  Columbia, MO   Columbia-Rock Bridge High

Kyle Hawkins – Head Coach
Eddie Hedrick – Assistant Coach

2004 Season Photographs

2004 Playoffs versus Washington University

2004 GRLC Championship – Lindenwood Field, St. Charles, Missouri

 We are still scanning some of the older pictures etc. so I will put up current material and work backwards from here on .


2016 was Coach Clayton Melrose last year as head coach . He added defensive Coach Hatton Taylor , offensive coach Kyle Bader, and goalie coach, Eddie Hedrick to his coaching staff.  The team was made up of players from Connecticut, , Illinois, Massachusetts. Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia.


Player Name Position Hometown
Abel Rios M Minooka
Alex Schott D St. Louis, MO
Austin Savage D Naperville, IL
Ben Lis LSM/D St. Louis, MO
Blake Habib LSM  Barrington
Caelan Morgret F/O Columbia, MO 
Chad Thetford A Parkville, MO
Chad Ummel  G Omaha, NE
Cory Chlebicki M Crystal Lake, IL
David Reed A Grayslake, IL
Derrick Rens DM Kansas City, MO
Drew Roither M St. Louis  
Grant Pieper A Plano, TX
Grant Smith M Chanhassen, MN
Gunnar Magnus M New Canaan, CT
Hayden Clark A Naperville, IL
Harry Tice M Hartland 
Jake Thompson DM Ballwin, MO
Jamie Jones A Kansas City, MO
Jason Thetford LSM Kansas City, MO
Joe Yeschek DM Crystal Lake, IL
Joey Kramer D St. louis park MN 
John Marshall G St. Louis
Kevin Boyle M Wellesley, Massachusetts
Kevin Murphy G Houston, TX
Kyle Holmes M Channahon, IL
Marcus Jones  DM Los Angeles
Matt Needham G Northbrook, IL 
Matt Yacovino D St. Louis, MO
Nick Christian LSM/D St. Louis, MO
Nick Ricci D St. Louis, MO
Patrick Mueller LSM Burke, VA
Phil Bergman F/O Media, PA 
Riley O’Keefe D Belmont, MI
Ryan Skiermanski M Crystal Lake
Scott Flynn M St. Louis, MO
Turner Thompson M Plano, TX

Team Meeting


Winter Scenes

img_9087 img_9088 img_9089 img_9090 img_9091 img_9093 img_9094 img_9095 img_9096 img_9101 img_9102